We Loved Partying on Our Way to Our Weekend Cabin Trip

Wanting to impress my girlfriend, I spent a night looking around online for different date night ideas. We had done some unique things in the past, but now I wanted to do something romantic that would be memorable. I learned that Toronto limo rental is something that many people like doing. I just had to figure out where we would need to take the limousine to.

My girlfriend and I are mostly home bodies. We do not like hanging out in bars and clubs because they are smoky and there are a lot of people. We just prefer spending our time alone with one another, which works out perfectly for who we both are. It finally occurred to me that we could get away to a cabin. It fit our personalities perfectly.

I told her to pack for the weekend because we were going to Niagara Falls to stay in a cabin. I also told her that we would be traveling via limo, and she would not need to come by my house because I would be picking her up. She loved the idea right away. What we did not realize when we got in is that most of these vehicles are decorated to act as mini-clubs on wheels. The one that we got had all sort of party lights inside, great music and a fantastic sound system.

We asked the driver if we could stop to get some wine after we saw that there are mini chests built right into the vehicle. Once back inside, we turned up the music, had drinks, sort of danced and swayed to the music in our seats and watched the city lights go by. We realized that if all clubs had private rooms like this, we would be interested in going more often. In the meantime, we were happy with our private rolling club on wheels.

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