We Have More Natural Gas Than Ever, but the Cost Keeps Rising

I remember the big promises of how we can be assured of staying warm because of the huge amount of natural gas resources America now has access to right under our feet. The Marcellus Shale project has resulted in paying for gas rights to property owners, and has resulted in drilling going on across many states. A relative of mine reported to me how she got money back on her gas bill one month due to the abundance and lowered prices. Then the prices went up. This is when we switched to IGS energy in Ohio.

The big natural gas projects were not being fulfilled to the degree everyone was expecting when the price of oil dropped drastically. Some people think it was a conspiracy of the oil-producing nations to use our market-driven forces to cripple the growing natural gas extraction industry. I am not sure about that. All I know is that my wife and I can only generate so much income per month, and we still need to pay the same bills that keep going up. That is why we looked for a much better rate for our household natural gas supplier.

It is not easy keeping up with the bills every month. We have been through wage freezes at work, and we are putting in enough overtime each to make it like we are working four jobs between the two of us. We started cutting back on things we could manage to cut back on, and that included how much we were paying for each therm of natural gas each month. You need to save money where you can. Do not just let the bills go uncontested. Ask about getting lower rates or discounts on everything from your utilities to insurance policies. The savings can go into your pocket rather than lining the pockets of people that make a whole lot more money than you.

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