Start Selling on PriceGovernor

Start Selling on PriceGovernor

  • Access your personal administrator area
  • Use the common store front to sell your goods
  • Get your profit share

The whole philosophy of PriceGovernor in a slogan: Buy-Sell Guaranteed!
PriceGovernor unites individuals and professionals that buy and sell new products, used or collectible at a fixed price.

Understanding Purchase and Sale Guaranteed in 4 steps

  1. Free for sale The seller offers items and it’s free for sale
  2. Ordering and Payment The buyer orders and pays PriceGovernor
  3. Shipping the product The seller ships the product
  4. Payment to the vendor PriceGovernor pays the vendor

The site offers the largest supply of cultural products, fashion products, and high tech products in India, at the best prices. PriceGovernor acts as an intermediary and trusted third party, ensuring that transactions between buyers and sellers are running smoothly, quickly and safely.

Selling is …

Simple: Find your product for sale by its barcode or through our search engine. Create your ad. Set your price. It is done, your article is immediately available, with photo and description.

Shortcuts: All orders are final, the price you set.

Free: The posting is free and unlimited in duration and quantity. The commission for PriceGovernor is applied only when you receive your total sales.

Secure: When you receive an order, PriceGovernor has already received and validated the payment from the buyer. No worries, you are guaranteed to be paid once the transaction is finalized.

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