Learn How To Lose Weight With 5:2 Fast Diet

However, there has been a lot of buzz about the latest fad – 5:2 fast diet. Question is, which diet is the best for weight loss ?

Well, let me give you my perspectives of 5:2 fast diet :

1. It Simply Worked !

The 5:2 fast diet is basically an easy diet. It simply worked, hence, people stick to it for the long term. Basically, you eat normally for five days and reduce your calories only for two days a week, unlike other diets, where you have to reduce your calories on a daily basis.

A very important benefit is that your lifestyle remains unchanged, whereby you can still go about your party ways and business lunches, yet, still remained in shape.

5:2 intermittent diet can be enjoyable once you realized that there are five days in a week in which you can eat anything you want, and you only need to do fasting twice in non-consecutive days from Monday to Friday. During these busy days, since you are preoccupied with work, the sign of hunger doesn’t affect you much. In fact, you don’t hardly notice it.

2. Continue with your regular lifestyle & Eat your favourite food

Unlike other popular diets, there is no need to eliminate your favorite food in 5:2 fast diet. Those who are on 5:2 intermittent diet, normally eat five days a week and you eat whatever food you like with no restrictions.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to over stuff yourself during feeding time(the period when you are not fasting) so that the benefits derived from fasting are maintained.

The problem with many other diets is that you have to follow a strict diet for a prolong period of time. As such, only a small number of disciplined dieters who followed this regiment achieved phenomenal results.

More often than not, most people give up half way and their weight loss endeavour comes to a grinding halt.

Unlike other diets, the 5:2 fasting diet doesn’t restrict your dietary food intake and lifestyle. Most people are drawn by the flexibility of such a diet.

3. Permanent results

The goal of any weight loss program is permanent weight loss. Nobody wants a program that is short lived and ended up with weight gain. Thus, we have people constantly switching to other different weight loss programs in the search of the proverbial weight loss program that worked.

Any diet that is not flexible and gets too restrictive doesn’t bring permanent results.

However, 5:2 fasting diet is a lifestyle as it does not stipulate any timing, recommend any foods, and impose restrictions on your favorite food intake.

You have to realize that fasting is a method of weight loss that can only bring long lasting results.

4. No side-effects

It is not uncommon that many of the fad diets do leave the dieters with many side effects such as fatigue, nausea and other disorders.

It is also reported that over the counter HCG products that are used for weight loss are not good for your health.

There are a lot of risks associated with rapid weight loss, which includes malnutrition, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

The 5:2 fast diet formula lifestyle does not entail any extreme forms of intervention to your body functions and therefore, expect no side effects.

5. Inexpensive

5:2 fast diet formula lifestyle does not recommend any expensive food or supplements. It is simply restricting the calorie intake for a 24-hour period twice in a week. And that’s it.

Weight loss is a balancing act of feeding and fasting.

Your body is designed to eat, store and burn. That means we always lived in two states i.e, feeding and fasting.

In the feeding state, we eat and store the food. In the fasting state, we burn the food.

In other words, your body is designed to eat the food and store in the form of fat when it is available. When the food is scarce, your body uses the food that is stored in the fat.

Food abundance

Fortunately, in today’s society, there is no shortage of food, hence, there is no need for us to eat excessively and store in the form of fats. However, the reality is that we eat in excess. Thus, we become a nation of obese people with many health problems.

5:2 fasting diet is one of the best way to lose weight:

5:2 intermittent diet is ideal for maintaining the calories balance in our body. Put it simply, store some fat when you are eating and burn some fat when you’re not eating.

You are fasting every day.

Remember, 5:2 fast diet is not a new phenomenon. You are fasting everyday, even when you are sleeping. If you sleep for eight hours, you are fasting for eight hours. Therefore, in order to lose weight, you just need to extend the period of fasting .

That’s it.

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