Fast Diet is a Lifestyle

Let me emphasize that the fast diet is not a diet program. Here, I am not suggesting any weight loss food or any weight loss meal plans.

Focus on calories but not on food

In the fast diet lifestyle, the focus is reducing the calorie intake but not on foods that we eat. It is aimed at reducing the quantity of food that we eat every day. It is estimated that on an average, most of the Americans are eating almost 4000 calories of food each day, and that is double what we typically need in a day.

24-hour mini fast

So it is a way of life where you embrace the idea of taking 24-hour mini fast twice in a week to reduce overall intake of food.

Fast diet for weight loss

You have to realize that the simplest way to lose weight, maintain your lean muscle and enjoy all the health benefits is by giving a rest to your body a couple of times within a week. Importantly, it is the only way you can get rid of your compulsive eating habits.

Fast diet is easy

The fast diet lifestyle is not only easy but also inexpensive as it doesn’t require expensive food and supplements. The only thing you have to do is restrict the quantity of food you take at least two days a week.

5:2 intermittent mini fasting

Even though the fast diet food habits are ancient and it is common in most Eastern traditions, the British physician Dr Michael Mosley propagated this strategy first in England before being introduced to the rest of the world.

Fast diet is not a diet plan. It is a change of lifestyle to achieve a permanent weight loss along with many other health benefits.

Feeding five days & fasting two days

The fast diet is also known as 5:2 intermittent fasting diet. This simply means you eat the food in a regular way for five days a week. On two days during the week, you reduce the intake of calories down to a total of 600 cal in case of men and 500 cal in case of women. In any given point of time, the fasting period must not be more than 24 hours.

500 or 600 cal is not a lot, and yet it is enough to function and workout without any difficulty.

Don’t extend fasting periods

Remember, there is no need to extend fasting period in your anxiety to lose weight quickly. This is because the extended period of fasting is turning your body into a starvation mode thereby slowing down its metabolism.

How the fast diet burns excess fat ?

When you are on fasting diet, the body looks for the stored food to meet its energy requirements and that is how your body functions properly. After taking all the glucose in your blood, it turns into the glycogen that is stored in your liver and muscle tissues. Once the glycogen is used, the body will start burning the fat for its energy and that is how you lose your excess fat.

Preferred foods ?

You can include lean protein sources and lots of vegetables for your fasting day menu. You’re not mindful of low calorie intake as this meal seems to be more substantial.

Just wait until tomorrow !

When you start you feel it hard but not terrible as such. However, as you continue this lifestyle you feel better. And when you feel hunger, just remember, that you have to wait until tomorrow. If you still cannot resist the hunger, you can have an amazing cup of green tea, and your hunger goes away.

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